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Since 2006, we have developed food tours and culinary events that help people experience rather than see an area, in a multi-sensory format.

Food Tours We offer large group food tours (4-200+ people), where we split large crowds into smaller, and more intimate groups minimizing the impact on the area being visited. We bring additional guides and hosts on our tours to ensure greater interaction, and assistance. We take routes that are typically used by locals rather than tourists. The result is a removal of the barrier between tourists visiting an area, and the locals that live there, as well as a more authentic look at life within each area being visited.

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Washington DC and Old Town Food Tours and Culinary Events

Historic Old Town Alexandria Food Tour

The Old Town Alexandria Food Tour is a three hour excursion through the former British Colonial town that brings you thtough the original streets drawn by George Washington to some of our favorite family run restaurants and shops.  You will sample a variety of specially made dishes, learn about the history of the area, and take in some of the best preserved colonial architecture in America. 

The Capitol Hill Culinary Experience Food Tour

The Food Tour of Capitol Hill takes you through the country's largest Victorian neighborhood where you sample local and regional specialties that reflect the neighborhood's vibrant population. A vibrant culinary scene awaits you as we dine at family run restaurants from the Navy Yard to Eastern Market. Come join us on our newest food tour, the Capitol Hill Culinary Experience.

The Foods of Eastern Market

Eastern Market is the oldest continuously running food market in the Washington, DC area, still serving its original function as a public market. Eastern Market has been the center of life within Capitol Hill for over 200 years.

Our Eastern Market Food Tour will give you an inside look at the legendary market. You will have the opportunity to meet the long standing vendors and taste their specialties which include a variety of local products produced and grown within the Washington DC area.

Gastronomic Georgetown

Our latest Food Tour Our latest Food Tour takes you to the historic yet chic charm of Georgetown, an area that pre-dated Washington DC. You will be transported on this 3.5 hour Food Tour across 250+ years of history, cross from the district of Columbia to the commonwealth of Virginia, and enjoy flavors closely connected to the Northwest DC neighborhood.

The Food Tour will bring together progressive, high end cuisine, with long standing DC institutions. From restaurants and shops running before prohibition, to swanky hotspots, this Food Tour brings together some of the best this area has to offer.

Little Ethiopia Food Tour

We will take your group through historic U Street to 9th street as we visit the heart of the world’s largest Ethiopian enclave outside of Ethiopia. Over 200,000 strong, the Washington DC area boasts over 45 Ethiopian restaurants, more than any Ethiopian community in the United States.

Your gastronomic experience will chronicle the intricate flavors, textures, and colors in Ethiopian cuisine, while recounting the history of the Ethiopian people. The tour will highlight Ethiopian cuisine by stopping at a variety of restaurants, each boasting a different specialty dish.

Evening Dine Around

Spend an unforgettable evening The evening Dine Around is a fully customizable Food Tour that brings together history, architecture, culture and cuisine in Old Town, Georgetown, Capitol Hill , or Little Ethiopia. Let our highly trained guides take you through the neighborhood of your choice as you learn about its rich and varied history. Groups will enjoy a multi-course progressive meal that will expand and challenge the palette with an array of flavors, tastes, and textures.

You will enjoy three-six courses representing the area, as well as the restaurant are painstakingly created and can be paired with alcoholic beverages upon request.

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Pub Crawl

Enjoy a historic DC area neighborhood after dark with a Pub Crawl. We combine a full historic walking tour in Capitol Hill or Old Town with a series of stops at our favorite bars and pubs. Let us set up a rotation of signture drinks and shots, or pick your own. This is available for groups of 4-100, and can be run any day of the week.

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Washington DC area Culinary Events

We have a range of culinary experiences throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area.  Whether it is a multi-course dinner in a 18th century colonial home, a cooking class led by a notable DC area chef, or a food appreciation course, we have it.

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